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Kittay House Artist featured on News 12 and in Jewish Week

Kittay House tenant, Sam Goldstein, 95, uses his nimble hands to twist copper wire into likeness of famous people.  His art, recently on display at the annual Kittay House Tenants Art Show caught the attention of  the press.


Inspired by well-known cartoonist Al Hirschfeld, the retired “book and job” printer began constructing his small-scale sculptures in the 1990s. Using varied thicknesses of wire and clever wrapping techniques, Goldstein recreates the two-dimensional pen and ink textures in a 3-D medium. Sometimes soldering the copper strips together, all the pieces are spray painted black to finish them.

He describes his intricate wire art to News 12 in a feature piece you can see here


In a recent article in Jewish week, Goldstein shares that how he built and fixed everything around his Westchester home before moving to Kittay House last October. “I’ve always been a handy guy. Anything that needed to be done around the house — I could do it.” Stripping electrical wires to make lamps out of musical instruments eventually led to a remarkable hobby of creating wire sculptures.

Goldstein was modest about his work, as reported in  Jewish Week, “This is not art — I copy,” says Goldstein, who has no art training. “I do it when I have time, at my leisure.”

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