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Senior Apartment Living in New York City. Welcome to Kittay House.
Mom is now friends with Rose and 97 other people.
Turns out a few of us grew up with 4 blocks of each other. Small world.
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For persons interested in experiencing life at Kittay House, we offer a 30-Day Trial Stay in a fully furnished apartment.

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Kittay House Website Relaunched

The Kittay House Senior Apartments’ website was relaunched on March 22, 2012. The new site was designed to reflect the vitality of the Kittay Community by focusing on the activities and community elements that make life at Kittay so unique.


Kittay House is known for its progressive and lively residents, some of whom have been profiled in the media as examples of active seniors for their participation in the Occupy movement or because they remain active in careers well into their 90s. The new website shares some of these stories, and will profile members of the Kittay senior community on an ongoing basis.


The website, which incorporates the Facebook-like posts that comprise the Kittay advertising campaign, drew its inspiration from the unique Kittay community.


“Like other senior housing complexes, we offer comfortable and convenient accommodations. But it is the community that sets us apart. We wanted our website to reflect that difference,” says Arlene Richman, Director of Kittay House.


The Kittay House Senior Apartments website provides information on the Kittay House accommodations, floor plans and pricing and special programs for seniors with low vision, who need dialysis or have other health concerns. Feature sections highlight Lifelong Learning at Kittay, Healthy Living, Community profiles and information on Kittay’s Bronx neighborhood.


In the coming months, tenants at Kittay will play a role in the website content, sharing their thoughts and experiences of being part of the vibrant community of elders that is Kittay House.