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Senior Apartment Living in New York City. Welcome to Kittay House.
Mom is now friends with Rose and 97 other people.
Turns out a few of us grew up with 4 blocks of each other. Small world.
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For persons interested in experiencing life at Kittay House, we offer a 30-Day Trial Stay in a fully furnished apartment.

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Lovebirds Find New Nest at Kittay House Senior Apartments

Couples Enjoy the Community and Accommodations at Kittay House Senior Apartments

Seventy Years with the Same Valentine: Kittay House Seniors Still Sing to Each Other Daily


George and Natalie Hauss have been tenants at Kittay for more than a year now, and are enjoying their new home and the many activities that are available.  Among their favorites is the Wednesday night “Happy Hour with Bernie.” Pianist and entertainer extraordinaire, Bernie Katzman, tickles the ivories and encourages tenants to join in.


Singing to each other is nothing new for this couple. These longtime lovebirds make sure to sing to each other every day, and have been doing so for 70 years.


You might say that when George Hauss first met Natalie, he really fell for her.  With a huge grin on his face, George recounted how he literally tripped on a pair of rubber galoshes upon entering his friend’s apartment for a party – the very gathering where he was introduced to the woman of his dreams.


He also fell for an older woman,” Natalie says.


This sweet couple has special memories of their very first date, which promptly followed their fortuitous meeting.


I invited her out for New Year’s. We went to Times Square and stood in the freezing cold. I think I fell in love with her right then and there.”   When asked if he kissed her at midnight, he pauses and smiles, “I should think so!”


An engagement followed soon thereafter, and in a matter of months, Natalie and George were wed in a traditional church ceremony in New Jersey.


George, who turns 90 later this month, made it clear about his role in their marriage.


I happen to be the boss in this family. I put my foot down and she steps on it.” Natalie, 92, laughs and explains “he’s always such a jokester.”


Putting the laughter aside, Natalie says, “To this day, I can’t stop loving him. He’s the dearest thing I have in the world.”


In an ironic twist, the couple separated for a very brief period of time after 30 years of marriage.  She was in New York, and he was in Florida.  George says, “Something stupid split us apart. But after coaxing from our son, I agreed to see her when I came up to New York to take care of some business.”  He grins and adds, “Once I saw her, I never went to the appointment and that was it.”


George shrugs and smiles, “She means everything to me.”