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Pesto Pasta Party at Kittay House: Oh How Our Garden Grows


as reported by Kittay tenant, Arlene Norman


The Farm-to-Table Movement has come to Kittay House Senior Apartments.


This summer the sensory touch garden has been thriving. Seeing the abundance of basil growing in the garden, Kittay House marketing manager, Lillian Negroni, was inspired, and the idea for the Kittay House farm-to-table Pesto Party was born.


On a hot July day, 14 Kittay tenants collected Canada Goose the basil leaves from their container garden, taking time to take in the wonderful fresh smell. Then the tenants donned gloves and got to work separating the leaves from the stems.


All the basil leaves were collected and put in the bowl. Then the gardens’ bounty was blended with garlic, walnuts, a little salt, pepper and olive oil. The group did a taste test of the delicious pesto.


While the whole wheat pasta was being cooked, the tenants sang Italian songs. Lillian, who supervised the cooking, added some cut-up onion, garlic, sliced mushrooms and little green and red pepper. Kittay staffers Naomi Chiel-Bolzman and Jessie Sea also helped with the preparations.


When the pasta was ready, Lillian mixed in the pesto and served some to everyone at the pesto party. Betty Gumanov remarked, “It’s so good, it’s to die for.” Everyone had good words for the pesto pasta. Iced tea was served with mint, also from the sensory garden.


After the meal, Betty, who is visually-impaired, led a tour of the sensory garden. She founded the garden club which developed a sensory and touch garden as a nice way to Kvinnor Canada Goose bring plants to people who cannot see them.


The Kittay House tenants all agreed this was one of the best pasta meals ever. A few are even eyeing the garden with recipes in mind.