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Purim Hijinks at Kittay House

There will be plenty of Purim fun at Kittay House on Purim Day, March 16th.


It’s the wildest and zaniest of all Jewish holidays in which revelry, costumes, sweets, and laughter rule. Purim recalls the story of how the Jews were saved from a dire plot, conceived by the villainous Haman, to murder all the Jews of Ancient Persia. The plot was foiled which was, and still is, cause for great celebration among the Jews. The story is found in the Bible in the Scroll of Esther, the story’s heroine.


* The festivities at Kittay begin at 10:30 a.m. with a visit from Yeshiva University students. They always draw everyone into the spirit of Purim, wearing costumes, singing, dancing, and distributing gifts of sweets.


* Chabad will provide a traditional reading of the Scroll of Esther (Megillat Esther) at 1:30


* Tenants will gather at 2:15 to revel in a light-hearted, musical telling of the Story of Purim by “troubadours” , Rabbi Bonnie, Naomi Chiel and guest musician, Brian Gelfand. The audience will have an opportunity to spin their graggers (noisemakers) when the name of the “evil Haman” is mentioned, and don colorful masks in the spirit of Purim masquerade.


And what would Purim be without Hamentashen?? Don’t worry. Kittay tenants will be munching hamentashen for dessert at Sunday lunch.