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Senior Apartment Living in New York City. Welcome to Kittay House.
Mom is now friends with Rose and 97 other people.
Turns out a few of us grew up with 4 blocks of each other. Small world.
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For persons interested in experiencing life at Kittay House, we offer a 30-Day Trial Stay in a fully furnished apartment.

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Does Kittay House provide any health care or personal care services?

Kittay House is an independent senior housing building and does not provide any health care or personal care services. However tenants have access to a broad range of optional services from other providers, right on site at Kittay.

Unlike Assisted Living facilities, where tenants pay for health and care services whether they use them or not, at Kittay House tenants pay third party providers for only those services they need and want.

Among the services available at Kittay House from third party providers are:

Physician’s offices on-site
Doctor “Home Calls” — primary and specialty physicians who come to Kittay on a scheduled basis to see their patients
Certified Home Health Aide and Companion services
Certified Home Health Aide night time check in service
Care Management services from a professional geriatric care managers, who will assist in finding and coordinating services that can help tenants stay safe, healthy and independent
Medication reminder service

    Kittay staff can provide contact information for a variety of health and personal care options.