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Senior Apartment Living in New York City. Welcome to Kittay House.
Mom is now friends with Rose and 97 other people.
Turns out a few of us grew up with 4 blocks of each other. Small world.
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For persons interested in experiencing life at Kittay House, we offer a 30-Day Trial Stay in a fully furnished apartment.

The Visually Impaired

Kittay House: The Smart Choice for Seniors with Low Vision


Kittay House Senior Housing is an ideal choice for the visually impaired.  Not only are dining and housekeeping services available, Kittay House also offers accommodations designed to enhance the daily living of seniors will all levels of visual impairment.


Throughout the building there are environmental modifications that make living easier, like:

  • Color contrasting paint in hallways and doorways
  • Enhanced contrast lighting in rooms and hallways
  • Talking elevators
  • Floors alternate colors
  • Safety bars along the hallway make navigation much easier.


And, you’ll find the staff at Kittay House supportive and sensitive to seniors with low vision issues.


Because vision loss can be progressive, Kittay House facilitates educational presentations on normal and abnormal changes in vision.  Support service suggestions and referrals are also available for tenants.


Tenants can also participate in a support group for Kittay’s low vision residents. The group has hosted speakers, gone on trips, and participants help each other meet the challenges of daily life with tips on everything from finding a talking watch to using the low vision machine in the library to enabling the vision-friendly captioning on the Kittay lounge TV.


Low-vision seniors will find themselves welcomed at all Kittay activities.  For example, to enhance the participation of low vision residents in the choir, the director purchased special magnifying glasses to make it easier to read along.  Activities are listed on a bulletin board with extra large lettering to encourage low vision elders to fully participate in the Kittay House senior community.